Operation Curb Appeal: Paint

During these past two weeks something happened that I’ve been waiting for for a long time….years, actually. It finally worked out to have our house trim painted! Parts of our house and the trim have been peeling for way too long. The most obvious was the paint on the garage and the dark green peeling paint on the windows and doors. Any time we were hoping to get our house painted in the past, Trevor was laid off from his job! Finally, this summer, Trevor is working and our friends with a painting business were available. Trevor will still have to power wash the house, but all the newly painted parts look so nice! Marque and Jose even surprised us and painted the board at the top the trim color to make it pop a little more, and also painted the front steps.

I went with a gray color for the trim. I wanted to pick something different than white, but something still neutral to not look too outdated.

Serena was fascinated by Jose painting the inside trim by the front door!

Now that the painting is done, we still have some other things to take care of- windows to clean, landscaping to fix, etc. But we are one step closer to a happy looking house!

P.S. See how dark this front room is, even in the middle of the day? I keep hoping to paint the walls white, but Trevor has been against it for a long time. Now he says I can do it if I want but he won’t help me. Should I try to get a friend or two to help and do it or should I leave it alone?


This House

Now that I’ve been at home a lot more lately, this house is kind of driving me crazy. I can rattle off a list of things that bug me about this house. So I decided to tell you about this house, and tell you the things I like about it.

Trevor bought this house eleven years ago in 2002 when he was a 24-year-old bachelor wanting to make a good investment. He lived here with one of his cousins and a friend to start out, and a few people came and went. It was a bachelor pad with all dirty white walls and dirty old lady curtains until I changed that when we got married in 2005. It’s just over 1000 square feet, and next year it will turn 100 years old. Trevor did not think he would ever be living here with a wife, and especially not with a family. We’ve put money into this house, mostly maintenance, and due to the economy, our house is also worth less than when Trevor bought it. Right now, we’re stuck.

I love that I “re-met” Trevor at this house when I came here for a party. I love that he asked for my number here, and that I met a lot of his friends for the first time here. I love that we had an impromptu engagement party with friends here. We’ve had many birthday parties here. We have celebrated some holidays here. This is Serena’s first home.

I love that this house has character- coved ceilings, wood floors, lots of windows. I like that we have some storage space in the basement and a large garage.

I like that the baby can have her room in the middle of the house and it’s so convenient no matter where in the house you are to go check on her, or grab something from the room, or go in there to change her diaper.

I like that I have done some gardening here (even though it’s a mess now.) I’ve learned a lot more than I knew about it before I lived here.

I like that we are surrounded by diversity here, even just in the few homes on this corner. I like that we have some great neighbors just a few steps away looking out for us. I like that a few of the homes right by us are being updated and flipped. I like that we are only a few blocks from the parkway, close to downtown, not very far from much of anything.

I am thankful we have a home of our own, that keeps us warm in the winter, and that has air conditioning on a hot day like today where it is 95 degrees/feels like over 100!

Summer Cleaning

The past couple of days I’ve been spending lots of time on the following blogs:

Young House Love

A Bowl Full of Lemons and her 21 Day Organizing Project

Organizing Made Fun

With these blogs as my inspiration, I’ve been getting some organizing done around the house! I’ve been meaning to do some more Spring cleaning, but now it’s become Summer cleaning. Ha!

To start off, I organized under the sinks.

The kitchen sink first:

It wasn’t a disaster, but I knew I could make it better and get rid of even more stuff I wasn’t really using. I added some pretty green contact paper (from Target), and some various bins and baskets all purchased from Dollar Tree or the dollar spot at Target.




There was so much stuff there that didn’t need to be! And now everything is organized into bins. The small green bin holds microfiber cloths. The cleaning products that are used daily are in 1, those used less regularly are in another, dish soap in 1, and everything I use to make daily shower spray are in another. By the way, I’m hoping to eventually make more and more of my own household cleaning products.


Then the bathroom sink.

This was more of a mess, but I already had some things in bins, so not awful. There were still lots of things to get rid of. I also decided to move some items to a different location since they weren’t being used enough to justify keeping them in our small bathroom. My real goal was making a place for a small garbage can to fit under the sink. Cash Howard has been making big messes in our bathroom because he likes to go into the garbage and pull out empty toilet paper rolls and tissues and such and shred them all up on the floor. I was getting really tired of it! I decided the only solution was putting the garbage under the sink. Hopefully this takes care of that!


It was a little hard to get to things…



That’s a little better, huh?

And here it is with the garbage can added (got it at Dollar Tree):


I’ll be back with some more photos of what I’ve been organizing around here. It feels great to get this done and to get rid of a bunch of stuff we aren’t really using, especially when we only have 1000 square feet to live in.





Office picture collage

This is the final project I worked on last weekend. I have been meaning to replace the framed poster that was hanging in our office on the same wall as our desk and computer. I wanted to change it up. Recently I acquired some budget friendly items and I decided that it would work to hang them together in the office:

One 8×10 photo canvas from canvas people which I got for free ($49.99 value) and paid $14.99 shipping.

One 8×10 photo canvas from winkflash which I got for free ($49.99 value) and paid $8.99 shipping.

One 11×14 photo poster from Snapfish which I got for free ($6.99 value) and paid $2.99 shipping.

One matted picture frame (for 11×14 photo poster) from Big Lots for $12.

One photo frame which I purchased a couple years ago from Target clearance.

Two pieces of wall art from Goodwill for $1 each.

I started with all the recently acquired items and then added the picture frame I had to complete it. I am pretty happy with how it turned out!

Clockwise from top left: Trev and I in Sheboygan by Lake Michigan, Laguna Beach from our CA trip last March, Spring trees last year on Theo Wirth Parkway 1/2 mile from our house, a dahlia from my garden last summer.

Here’s where it is in the office. Looking at this photo makes me want to do some organizing!

This is in the same room where I have all my scrapbook stuff, as well as my dresser and closet! We live in an old house, and the closet in our bedroom is barely big enough for Trevor’s clothes, let alone both of ours. This room isn’t completely *mine* but almost, but don’t feel bad for Trevor- he has his work from home desk and video game room downstairs.