Door County Trip Numero Dos

I haven’t updated in a while, but that’s mostly because I was gone for a few days in Door County again! This time Trevor went with Serena and I and my other brother, Andy, met up with us at my parents’ camper in Egg Harbor. We went to almost all different places than my first trip, celebrated my mom’s birthday, and Trevor and I even had a date night. It was an excellent trip, and Serena was a great little road tripper. She did awesome, and it helped to have someone to ride in the back with her from time to time.

This was Serena’s last road trip in her infant seat. She has almost met the weight limit! We actually picked up a new seat for her just the other night. Tuesday is her 9-month appointment so we’ll see her official height and weight then!

This is the little A-frame cabin the three of us stayed in that was a short walk from the camper and a little longer walk to the bathroom! Not a fun walk in the middle of the night, but we somehow survived! Ha! It was just enough space for us, the pack n’ play and all our stuff. The only bummer was the bed was basically a thin pad on top of a plywood board, so we would wake up all sore. I think next time we’ll try the bigger cabin, or use our tent (and our nice air mattress….). I guess I only rough it soooo much…

My parents have a great site that we spent most of our time at.

Check out mom’s birthday flamingo!

This time we did some shopping, wine tasting, dining with the locals (not so much the touristy stuff), went to Cave Point, and saw the animals at Dairy View Country Store.

Serena was tired so wasn’t as into them as I had hoped. She was a little more interested when we saw some piglets another day at a farm we stopped at for Dad to buy some organic meat. Waseda Farms was an absolutely lovely place with friendly people!

I requested we go to Cave Point because we had gone there two years ago and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. Plus I always love to see Lake Michigan any time I can. It feels like home to me.

Thanks to my parents, Trevor and I had a great date night out. We ate dinner at Coyote Roadhouse on my dad’s suggestion. It was a busy happening place with really great service and tasty hot food. We had steak. After dinner we watched the sunset at Egg Harbor marina. Perfect.

Saying goodbye is always tough, but I’m sure time will fly by and we’ll be with my family again!

That’s our last trip for a while. It will be different now to be home and figure out my new schedule now that I am home with Serena and we are just sticking around town! Hi friends! Let’s make plans. 🙂


Door County Road Trip Numero Uno

For me summer means:

Lake time
Road trips

It’s been that way for me for most of my life, and this summer is no exception! We’ve already gone camping and to a reunion with Trevor’s relatives, and last week we got to see some Pedersens. Serena got to go camping in a tent for the first time in June, and in July she got to stay in a camper for the first time! Serena and I road tripped it to Door County, Wisconsin.


My parents have a camper there and it’s their second home in the summer. I didn’t manage to make it there last summer, but this summer we’ll be there with them twice! Door County is a beautiful place with lots of cherries, wineries, restaurants, parks, theater, etc. Serena and I made the few hour drive there to spend some time with her grandparents, and my brother Eric and his wife Brittany who also made the drive for some quality family time! I got a lot of good use out of the Baby Bjorn!

Serena had a blast hanging out at the camper. I brought the beach blanket. Mom brought a little walker that Serena loved to move around in. She had fun untying everyone’s shoes, and trying to eat leaves, and crawling towards the fire!

We had some good food there! We ate at a couple of restaurants and Dad always makes delicious food too. Of course we also had to have some cherry pie! Brittany and I had to have the delicious ice cream we remembered from two years ago- cherry cheesecake. Dad made Swedish pancakes for breakfast one morning as well.


Door County is beautiful. The weather was actually pretty cold for July, and I didn’t get to see as much as I like to, but got some walking and shopping in.

Trevor didn’t go with us this time but will be with us when we go back in a couple of weeks. We did FaceTime him a couple of times though!

I was tired because Serena wouldn’t go to sleep….He took this and sent it to me later to show me how mad she looked. Haha.

Saying goodbye is the toughest part! It’s always good to be with family!

Camping (In a Tent) + Baby

Last summer when I was pregnant and we chose dates for this summer’s Cousins Camping weekend I knew that this year we would have a baby with us. I didn’t question going camping with a baby though because in years past some other cousins had camped with babies, and I grew up camping my entire life! I remember camping when my younger brothers were small. When we were camping last year we broke our tent and replaced it with a large tent knowing that it would be more than just the two of us going forward and room for a pack ‘n play would be nice. That didn’t mean I wasn’t nervous though!

We camped for two nights, so not long, and with a group of about twenty of us. Serena did really well! The first night it took us a long time to get her to go to bed. We decided to wait until a later time the next night when it was darker and the other kids would be going to bed. I think it was hard for her to go to bed when everyone else was still awake and loud and it was still so bright out! It might have been easier to put her to bed earlier if we weren’t camping with a large group, but I’m not sure.

Some things that worked well for us-

*Having the pack n’ play in our tent. She had slept in it before at both her grandparents homes a few times so it wasn’t totally foreign to her.

*Packing our clothes and all the baby stuff in tubs instead of bags/suitcases. We had a tub of our stuff and a tub of her stuff and everything was right there in our (large) tent. We also used her tub as a make-shift changing table. I laid a couple of blankets and changing pad on it and changed her there.

*Having a thicker sleep sack for her to sleep in was nice and she seemed quite comfortable. We had a hand-me-down gro-bag that she slept in.

*Her bumbo was perfect to have with and feed her her meals in or have her at the table with all of us.

I wish we would have had a big beach blanket. Trevor’s cousin-in-law Karen had one at the beach she let us use that was great for Serena to crawl around on. At the campground we had a cheap $3 throw blanket I put out for Serena to play on but the big beach blanket would have been better. After we got back I bought a nice big one at Target that I definitely will bring with next time we go camping!

We will definitely take her camping again. It was great for her to be outside and with family like that. We’re talking about going camping just the three of us (and maybe the dog) some time later this summer. We’ll see what that is like without a big group!