Week in the Life: Album Sneak Peek

This past weekend I worked as much as I could on my Week in the Life album. This is taking me a lot longer than I had imagined! I decided to do a mix of layouts and pocketed pages. I thought the pocketed pages would make things easier, but because of all the different photo orientations and the number of photos it has actually made it more complicated! I did buy some 4×6 and 3×4 Project Life type cards to use in the pockets as well and I’ve had fun selecting those, but it also took some time!

At this point I have all my photos printed and where I want them to go, and cards in the pockets. I also cut out a bunch of cards and words with my Silhouette that I am really happy with. I need to add all the journaling and embellishments and also make the 12×12 pages, and then I’ll be done! I’m hoping I will have more fun with all the stuff I have left to do. At this point after working with the pockets this way I don’t see myself ever doing Project Life. I like sticking with a majority of 12×12 pages with some pocketed pages mixed in here and there. I guess I could change my mind? It just flows so completely differently.

So….hopefully Serena will take some long naps this week and I can get this done! I’m pretty excited about it.


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