Instagram update

Lately I’ve seen a few people talking about what they are doing with their instagram photos. I thought it would be fun to find a cool way to display them, but hadn’t gotten around to anything. One day I was walking down my hallway and saw my printers tray and realized I could easily update it with some of my instagrams! It had actually been a while since I had updated it. I made some mosaics of 6 photos in 1 and ordered them as 4×6 prints, giving me 2×2 photos. I cut those apart and then took half an hour and updated my tray. I didn’t replace all the photos. I left some of the old ones in. Trevor already told me he didn’t want me to fill it with photos of Serena because he loves seeing all the photos of our friends and family in there. I actually originally saw this idea on Ali Edwards’s blog and hers was filled with photos of her kids! Ha! Hopefully as I take more instagram photos and get some more of friends and family I can print more and change out some more photos. I like it so far though!


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