October Afternoon Warehouse Sale 2013

Last night my friend Becca and I went to the opening night of the October Afternoon Warehouse Sale! October Afternoon is one of our fave scrapbook companies, and they just happen to be located here in Minnesota. We’ve lucked out because for the past few years they have had a warehouse sale each fall and sold discounted products. Becca and I went to the sale together in 2011. Last year we planned to go, and the day we were going I was put on bed rest while pregnant with Serena because of high blood pressure, so I missed out! This year nothing was going to stop me! I knew it would be great deals and easy to fill up my “shopping box”, but I rarely buy scrapbook supplies anymore. Once upon a time I shopped every week or so! Now I basically scrapbook shop socially, or when I need a scrapbook or adhesive or something essential like that. So this was my big annual shopping trip and I can’t believe all that I got for what I spent!

The first night of the sale was from 6-9 and they asked we bring non-perishable food items for a local food shelf. Becca and I decided to meet each other there at 7, and we both showed up at around 7:10 or so. We stood in a line outside the warehouse waiting for our turn to shop. They only let a certain number of people inside to shop, and then as people left they would let more people in. People in the line actually cheered when they saw each person leave. Ha! Becca and I ended up waiting in line for over an hour. I’m not exactly sure what time they let us in. Maybe around 8:30? I think most of the people there were also planning on going to Scrapfest at the Mall of America. The people behind me in line had driven up from Kansas City for their 5th year in a row. I’ve actually never been to the event even though I live here…

Inside the warehouse we entered a small room to start out with some really great deals as well as some of the newer lines in collection packs. Then we entered into the bigger room packed full of product and people. It was a much bigger sale than the one I went to two years ago, but Becca said it was similar to last year. They had packs of paper that were 25 sheets all of the same paper raging in price from $1 to $9. I bought some of this and Becca and I also split some of the packs. They had lots of items 3 for $1, 5 for $3, etc. A few items were also buy x get 1 free. They also had one area of irregular sized paper that was 25 sheets for $1. I bought this last time (and this time as well) and used it a lot for cards or to cut out with my Silhouette. They had grab bags for $3 full of all kinds of embellishments so I bought one of those for fun and was happy with all that I got!

The line to check out was a long wait as well, and wrapped around the back of the warehouse so everyone was still shopping as they waited in the check out line. We didn’t get done until just about 10:00!

Here is my box of stuff before I checked out:

They had some people there who would write a list of what was in your box, and then they had 2 cash registers where they could ring it all up. Here’s looking back after I checked out.

If you spent $50 you got a Travel Girl 12×12 paper pack. If you spent $75 you got a Travel girl embellishment pack. I spent enough to get both of them and more.

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for- what I got. I know I don’t NEED all of this, but the prices were so good and I love all their stuff! I bought a lot of Christmas stuff, Farm Girl and some Travel Girl stuff, and a mix of little things from many different lines. I know it will be easy to use with the photos I’ve been taking of Serena.  I use the mini market alphas all the time on almost every layout so I got lots of those.

Insane. I know. It’s awesome. :-)I spent about $100. Becca said when she reacted to how much she spent the woman at the register told her she was an amateur because she had seen someone spend over $1000 and another $600, etc.

And for those of you who are interested, the lines I saw most of that come to mind: 9 to 5, Sasparilla, Travel Girl, Cakewalk, Farm Girl, Woodland Park, Midway, Witch Hazel, and some Christmas stuff.

A closer look at some of the (2-sided, showing both sides) papers I got:

 I better find some time to scrapbook now. 🙂


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