So, here I am, photoless

I had hoped to be working on my Week in the Life album this week, but that hasn’t happened. I just got a chance to order prints of some of the photos and it was quite the ordeal to do. When I imported photos over to Costco from Flickr it copied multiples of photos for some reason and changed the order they were in. Disaster. In the end I decided to order one 8×10 photo from each day, and then a random assortment of 100 4x6s since I have a coupon for 100 free prints in store. Last time I ordered prints from Costco I could pick them up the next day. This time I can’t pick them up for 3 days. So, I will have some prints on Friday afternoon from Costco, and will print some others at home. I have a Selphy printer, but have had problems with it so am hoping I can get it to work ok again….So hopefully I can work on my album this weekend!

Serena and I have both been under the weather. With the amount she is drooling I am still thinking teething is part of it for her. I have a cold. Today we did nothing but sit around and play. We didn’t leave the house, which is nice every once in a while! We’ll leave tomorrow to at least pick up a humidifier for our room. Serena has one but we need a new one. Being sick is no good, but having Serena around keeps me in good spirits! I dressed her really cute today even though I knew we weren’t leaving the house. It’s the little things, right? I have tried a couple of times now to do her 10 month photo shoot but have failed. She is so mobile now that it’s practically impossible. She is NOT interested in sitting for photos. Guess I will try again! It’s just this one and two more and the monthlies will be done!

I actually have plans with friends the next couple of nights, so I need to rest up! I’ll have some more things to blog once I’ve left the house again….Thanks for hanging in there!


2 thoughts on “So, here I am, photoless

  1. So Sad about your planned prints 😦
    (but I must ask…how/where did you ever get a coupon for free prints from Costco? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one.)

    • I bought a camera at Costco and a coupon for 100 free prints came with it! I think that’s pretty standard there. Not sure if there is any other way to get it!

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