Week in the Life: Saturday

So I was wrong last night. I didn’t go to bed early. Serena woke up and stayed up for a while screaming and crying tears. I hadn’t heard her that sad since she was a little baby. It was so heartbreaking! I gave her Tylenol, teething gel, and I also tried to use the aspirator because she was so congested but that super freaked her out. I put her humidifier in her room and the plug-in vicks as well. I rocked her and played some soft music. Eventually she calmed down, not long before her dad got home. Of course he missed all the screaming and got big smiles from her!

We were up early this morning to head to the Minnesota Zoo with our across-the-street neighbors and good friends Nate and Martha and their two boys. It was Serena’s first trip to the zoo!


His and hers coffee to go.

Part 2 of breakfast on the go.

Milo and Serena looking at the monkeys.

Serena liked the zoo a lot more than I was expecting. She was actually quite interested in the animals! I got a zoo membership today so I can take Serena there as much as I want!

One of my fave things to see there. This is a sea dragon. It doesn’t seem real. It seems like something from a fairy tale. I love the sea horses too. Serena actually really enjoyed watching the sea horses, or any fish, or anything that was swimming actually!

We were there until after noon (we got there at about 9:15). Serena totally skipped her morning nap! She zoned out by the end.

Back home and ready to play after some lunch.

Trev went over to Nate’s to bottle the beer they are brewing and he took some photos for me. 🙂

I’m tired.

And it’s raining.


After I put Serena to bed I headed right to the store for party food for tomorrow’s events.

And it was still raining. A lot.


Blogging. Another free Shutterfly book to finish. Seven layer taco dip to make. Then sleep!


2 thoughts on “Week in the Life: Saturday

  1. Dear Karin: Your days are so very different than mine with a lst child 60 years ago! Stay at home mom like you, but just a buggy ride in the morning for Eric and then back to our upstairs apt. over cranky people who hit our ceiling every time he cried. Just when I would put him down for an
    afternoon nap they would put their radio on HIGH right over his nursery (open stairway to our
    rooms off a hall. So we had to go out in the afternoon also and just walk outside so he could sleep. Needless to say we had to move as I was getting exhausted. The day after we moved these people moved out and left owing the landloard the rent!

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