Week in the Life: Friday

TGIF! My only plans for my Friday were to buy dog food and get some time to relax! Serena ended up waking earlier today than usual (6 AM instead of 7:30) and didn’t nap as well. I think she is teething. Poor baby! We still had a pretty good day anyway. On this day I am thankful for the past couple days of seeing friends, clean laundry,  the weekend ahead full of plans with dear friends, a mostly happy and very friendly baby, and a God I find rest and hope in.

I got up with Serena at 6 AM, nursed her, played with her and gave her breakfast. She was not interested in her oatmeal this morning. She refused to eat it after two bites. She ate some banana and yogurt but not much. Poor Sere Lu must be teething! Not long after this she was down for her morning nap.

The bag I’m using now for my meter and insulin pens. It’s from the Target “One Spot” just like my last one was. I like it.

In the kitchen. Mom, Dad, and I collected these this summer!

Cash. Poor buddy needs some more attention, and a haircut.

Bathroom selfie!

I love this stuff!

While Serena napped, after I got ready I brought up the laundry to fold, but only folded hers (and put it away once she was up). Hers is way more fun to fold. 🙂 I had my second cup of coffee, washed dishes and cleaned in the kitchen.

I might just have to give up on Candy Crush. Level 275 is ridiculous. I hate the 3 move bombs!

When Serena woke up I cut her fingernails. I’ve discovered that right after she wakes up is the easiest least squirmy time to accomplish this.

Then we headed out to run errands. We left North Minneapolis via the Lowry Avenue Bridge. I can’t even tell you how much I love this bridge after living without it for three years.

We stopped at a thrift store we were driving by. When we got there two elderly women were getting out of the car next to us. One of them pointed at the furniture in the window and said “That’s grandma furniture. We don’t want that!” The irony. Also while we were there we happened to run into Jesse, who Trevor and I went to college with and Trevor also went to Bible school with. He actually manages the store! I had no idea. I took this photo to text to Trevor. Jesse and Serena hadn’t met yet and she was so happy to meet him! While we were shopping in the store an old man smiled at Serena and then told us a story about his sons when they were young and about how one of them excelled with computer skills but then didn’t do very well once he and his wife (the boy’s mother) divorced. Random and sad. (Sidenote, I have learned when you walk a dog around the neighborhood you should expect random people to talk to you and tell you random and sometimes sad things, and when you have a baby and go shopping in thrift stores to expect the same!)

Then Serena and I went to Chuck & Don’s to pick up Cash’s dog food (Fromm Duck & Sweet Potato). This was the last bag we needed to get a free one. After the free one we will make the full switch over to a similar food we can get for much less at Costco. The other photo above I snapped on 35W crossing over the new part of the bridge (I honestly rarely drive here without thinking of September 1, 2007). I caught part of downtown as well as the Stone Arch Bridge. This is a lucky shot I caught when I snapped a bunch lomo-style.

Back to North.

Home. Happy mail! This is my stack of free prints from Shutterfly.

This has been on my mind a lot lately.

Hanging out in Serena’s room with her. She’s dancing to the music her “Jesus Loves Me” book (from her great aunt Judy and great uncle Bill) is playing. So great!

She took a short afternoon nap at some point but woke up twice screaming. I think it’s the teething. I gave her teething gel and Tylenol and a frozen mini waffle to gum.

We left and went and picked Trevor up from happy hour by his work downtown. I encountered a lot of frustrating North Mpls driving including a woman running across the street in the middle of the street in traffic, no turn-signal slow and turn into a business drive, and a motorcycle passing a few cars stopped at a red light by using the bike lane, then speeding up in the bike lane on the other side of the intersection and moving back to the traffic lane….That was a first.

We picked Trevor up downtown and then got McDonald’s (by the time we decided, our only option) to bring home for dinner. Serena and Cash shared a happy meal! Haha! She had 2 chicken nuggets (minus the breading) and apple slices. He had 2 chicken nuggets and the fries. What can I say? I feel bad for the ole pup so I spoiled him tonight…

Serena was so ready for bed she only made it through 3 pages of Harold and the Purple Crayon. Trev headed out to socialize with other dudes. I am home with my sleeping baby, my laptop, my dog next to me, and a glass of wine. I don’t think I will stay up very late. Serena will be up early in the morning and we have a fun day ahead of us!

If you made it through to the end of this post I applaud you. I’m much talkier today.



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