Week in the Life: Wednesday

Wednesday was a good day. Serena and I laughed a lot today. We also got to spend a few hours with Betsy and her boys Ben and Sam. Serena is definitely a social people person and the happiest when we leave the house and she gets to see people. I’m guessing I’ve got an extrovert on my hands! Today she waved goodbye for the first time (to Ben) and also held a blanket in front of her face and moved it away over and over playing peek-a-boo with me. It was so cute!

I took most of my pictures today with my iPhone, and just a few with the Rebel.

Serena’s awake!

Good Morning kisses from Cash.

Cash waiting while I nurse Serena in her room. He usually lays by my chair but I think he really had to go outside!

The date on the milk is today’s date…

My breakfast. Serena ate a lot of these blueberries though.

We played for a while after breakfast and then Serena took a nap. I took a shower, got ready, read blogs. Then she woke up and we headed to IKEA.


We ate lunch with Betsy, Ben, and Sam.

Ben took this shot of us. “Say pickles!” We walked around the showcase floor and then around the marketplace as well. I picked up a few things to take home with me, of course!

Saying goodbye!

IKEA was tiring…

But we spent the rest of her waking hours playing since she had been stuck in her stroller and car seat the last few hours. She laughed and laughed. Trevor got home and she played and laughed some more.

Decided to make today’s supper for tomorrow instead and Trevor made frozen pizza while I worked on my Shutterfly book of our Door County trips and we watched Netflix.

Another day is done!



4 thoughts on “Week in the Life: Wednesday

  1. Hello, visiting from Ali’s blog. What a fun week you’ve had this week. I love your pictures, such a cutie your daughter is. How awesome your doing this for the first time with her so young. I have tween/teens and forget what it was like having babies and all the fun stuff they do. What a treasure this album will be for you and her. Keep up the good work, looks great.

    • Hi Dawn. Thanks for the comment! My daughter is the reason I decided to finally do Week in the Life after seeing others do it year after year. I think I will really love looking back at what life was like with my baby once she is older! I’m sure it will be the same for you with your tweens/teens though too!

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