Week in the Life: Tuesday

I survived another day of documentation! Tuesday was an exhausting day. It was full of mom and homemaking stuff. I was super tired by supper time.

I took photos with both my iPhone and my Canon Rebel, and also used my gorilla pod lots! Love that thing!

Tuesday was awesome because Serena “danced” a lot. She waves her hands around and bounces to music. She also started waving “hello” unprompted for the first time when Trevor got home from work! She was so much fun. πŸ™‚ Documenting my day makes me realize how full my days are now and how rewarding and tiring they are as well. Looking forward to seeing some friends as the week continues!

Here’s Trev giving Serena a kiss goodbye before he leaves for work. He rode his bike to work today and showered there.

Play time. They’re like, “Mom, what are you doing?”

Coffee in my Starbucks Baltimore mug from Katie. It’s even more special to me now that I’ve actually been there to visit her! It makes me smile.

He hasn’t been hiding as much this week. Maybe he wants to stick around now that Serena has decided she must share everything she eats with him every time she eats!

We listened to this record of mine from my childhood.

Unfortunately, when I was putting the record on Serena was discovering the dog’s toy basket!

Then Serena took her morning nap and I got to take a shower.

Cash was taking a nap too. πŸ™‚

Daily vitamins and just a bit of makeup.

mosaicdcceff552098aa53921dc4113411280b7180b737Got some laundry going, clipped coupons and made shopping lists on my phone, checked my e-mail.

Then Serena woke up from her nap and we ate lunch. Then we headed out to run errands.

mosaic792d67e47dc906022f757e7b86011f6eb2cfdb7cSerena is a great little buddy to run errands with. She plays and laughs in the car and loves shopping! She looks around at everything and smiles at anyone she makes eye contact with. Today she made several friends at the grocery store and played peek-a-boo with the person behind us in the check-out.

She won’t look at me for pictures when I have her in the shopping cart…ever!

What we bought + her stroller and beach blanket that are always stashed in the back.


When we got home I put everything away and then nursed Serena and she took her afternoon nap. While she napped I made dinner, did dishes and cleaned up. I continued on with the laundry as well.

Trev got home from work and we sat down for dinner right away. It was Serena’s first time having tator tot casserole/hotdish! It was also her first time having beef (grass-fed). She loved it!

Then Trevor left for pool leagues and Serena had some fun bath time. I don’t give her a bath every day. I give her a bath about every 3 days or so…whenever it works out, basically!

She did not feel that she had time to do any posing in her cute towel after her bath however! She was obviously tired. She gets really busy and hyper curious and grabby when she is ready to sleep.

Then I read her a book and nursed her and put her in her crib. It took her like 30 seconds and she was out! She loved the book by the way- she touched every page and turned some of the pages for me too.

After she fell asleep I changed the laundry loads, put away the leftover dinner, did dishes, and then worked (for hours!) on a Shutterfly book I need to get done before a free book code ends 9/11! A full and delightful day!

Are there any details of my life I am missing out on showing, as far as stuff around the house? Any suggestions?


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