Week in the Life: Monday

I’ve made it through day one and so far I am loving Week in the Life. I felt really productive and happy, and I really appreciated the life I am living, even though I didn’t leave the house! Since we were gone in Fergus Falls all weekend and Serena’s sleep schedule was thrown off, and since there was a heat advisory all afternoon, I thought it would be best for her if we didn’t try to run errands or see friends. She ended up sleeping in until almost 10 AM! She is usually up by 7:30, so that is definitely NOT the norm! We had a nice day of playing, organizing, cuddling, dancing, laughing, snacking…

Here are some of my favorite shots from Monday:

This is what I woke up to. Cash was sleeping in with me while we waited to hear Serena. After a while I got up and took a shower and got ready for the day, and then I heard her wake up.

Nursing Serena in her room right after she woke up. Sometimes I take her out of her sleep sack and change her diaper, but this was one of those right to the chair mornings.


Breakfast/Lunch with Serena. Oatmeal with mashed bananas. She ate cheerios while she waited for her cereal to be ready.

This is after the hour and a half nap she took. I love how happy she is to see me when I get her from her nap!

Always on the move!

Selfie of the two of us. :-0


low blood sugar, Serena’s shoes, peach, Serena eating pasta for dinner while reacting to seeing her daddy get home from work

Dinner: Veggie burgers and Caesar salad. Serena already ate dinner and is now munching on a few yogurt melts.

Story time and bed

Relaxing with my new book and some DVR’d TV.

Today I only took photos with my iPhone. Tomorrow I am planning to try and get more with my DSLR and also to take more selfies and self-timer photos. I’m hoping to get some use out of my gorilla pod this week.

I’ll be uploading all my photos to a Flickr set this week so that’s where you can go to see all of ’em!


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