Things I Learned in August

I saw this idea shared on the nester’s blog. I recently discovered the nester after seeing an article in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine that featured her home. I don’t know how I hadn’t found her sooner! She linked to her sister’s blog here, and I love the idea! So I’m going to give it a try. We’ll see what I can remember now. I mean, I’m already 3 days in to September! Ha.

Things I Learned in August

1. I really like traveling and seeing new places and eating at new restaurants, even as a parent of a small child.

It really is a new experience and a lot of work, but I am not a homebody. I love to get out of the house and see people. I really enjoyed being away from home and spending lots of time with family and friends and seeing Serena interact with them! I loved introducing Serena to new things as well.

2. My baby can fall asleep in a pack n’ play set up pretty much anywhere.

In the month of August she slept in a cabin, an A-frame, a camper, in various rooms of multiple homes…The one place she freaked out was the house at the farm. I don’t know why. She screamed like she was being attacked by wild animals. Jessica said she had never heard a child scream like that in her life. I have a special one!

3. There is an animal in The Philippines called a dugong.

It’s similar to a manatee. There are only 5 dugongs in captivity in the entire world, and one of them (in Japan) is named Serena.

4. I always misspell Philippines.

It is not spelled Phillipines.

5. If I’m feeling lonely I can just head to the thrift store with Serena.

Any thrift store I go to Serena attracts all kinds of friendly people, both shoppers and employees! It starts lots of conversations and I see all kinds of smiles. People that have grandchildren are the most likely to befriend Serena, but also other kids, women, and men. I love when she catches someone smiling at her and giggles.

6. I really like peaches.

I haven’t really bought them before, but my mother-in-law had some really good ones at Lake Week and my parents had really good ones at their camper. I’ve been buying them and sharing them with Serena who has also become a fan. I don’t know why I didn’t eat them before, but I was missing out!

7. I will drive to multiple TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Tuesday Morning locations to find a $5.99 scrap paper pad.

I made it worth my time by purchasing more than the one I was looking for of course, and some $1.49 Thickers….In case you are wondering, I was looking for the Dear Lizzy and Amy Tangerine papers (never did find the Amy Tangerine ones) and I found Dear Lizzy as well as some Crate Paper and Studio Calico. Because of this trip I also discovered next time I decorate my house (probably my next house someday) I am totally shopping at those stores, especially TJ Maxx/HomeGoods.

8. I want to change my e-mail address!

I’ve had this e-mail address for around ten years, but I’m getting annoyed with all the e-mails I get that are meant for other people. I get them in English, French, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian. Some of the e-mails have been pretty juicy lately, so maybe I don’t want to change and miss out…I even started a tumblr called The Other Karins!

So there you have it.


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