Things I Learned in September

I saw this idea shared on the nester’s blog. She linked to her sister’s blog here. I tried this last month and am continuing this month!

Things I Learned in September

1. How to print Instagram photos.

The 4×4 size is different than the standard 4×6, so what do you do if you want to print them? This is a tutorial on how to print them 4×4. I also printed them 2×2 by making a 2×3 mosaic and printing it 4×6.

2. IKEA stands for the founder’s initials and where he’s from.

Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. Why have I never bothered to find that out before? I have no idea. Ingvar Kamprad started IKEA as a 17-year-old kid in Sweden. Crazy. He’s the #5 wealthiest person in the world right now.

3. Goodwill has 50% off kids clothes and toys on Thursdays.

Toddler Thursdays. My newest friend. Ha!

4. I’m going to have a new nephew in January!

My little brother Eric and his awesome wife Brittany are expecting their first child and now we know it’s a boy! Serena will have another cousin close to her age (she has Nora on the Tungseth side already) and I’ll have my first Pedersen nephew (no nieces yet either). I’m so excited!

5. I have it pretty good.

This month I did Week in the Life for a week. I have a cozy home, sweet fun husband, silly cute little girl, good friends to spend time with, a good church to be in community with, a cuddly dog to hang out with, etc…

6. They really do grow pretty quickly.

Everyone tells you to enjoy your baby because they grow up so fast. She’s almost a year old now and I am appreciating this. I already miss holding her when she didn’t squirm everywhere! I have learned there are things to appreciate about each stage. SO much more to learn!

7. I know what rosebud is.

I’ve been meaning to watch it for years and finally took the time to watch Citizen Kane.

8. I know how Breaking Bad ends.

I watched a lot of the first season and then started to sort of half watch it while Trevor was watching. It was just so hard to actually watch! Too intense. Last night I watched the series finale. I remember watching the first couple of episodes and wondering how it would all end. Now I know!


Thrift Shop

When I was in high school and college I loved going thrifting as much as I could, and I bought a lot of my wardrobe at thrift stores. I loved the treasure hunt! I also bought jewelry to break up and make new jewelry with because my primary craft hobby at that time was making jewelry. I also bought a lot of CDs back then. I had quite the collection…most of them are stored in tubs in my basement now! Man oh man did I proudly display that collection!

It’s been a while since I’ve spent much time at a thrift store, but recently I’ve been having a lot of fun going again! It’s great there are so many options for me within a 15 or 20 minute drive pretty much any direction! There are a couple within 10 minutes away as well. Serena loves going thrifting with me! She waves at everyone she possibly can and now says hi to everyone too. I mostly buy clothes for her and have bought a few fun toys, but I’ve also found a few things for myself. It might be junk to most people but sometimes things catch my eye and I can’t say no!

This week Serena and I went to Bibles for Missions, Value Village, and Goodwill. Here are my fave things I bought recently.

I bought this old cigar tin for $1.99. I thought I could either put stuff in it on my desk or by my scrap stuff, or put it on a bookshelf. I love the colors!

I think I paid a quarter or less for this letter opener. It made me consider collecting letter openers! Ha! When I was a kid I had lots of collections! I collected dolls, post cards, stamps, souvenir spoons, troll dolls, etc…Right now I have a lot of bird decor but want to get away from that…It would be fun to find something new to collect, but it can’t be anything too big! One might say I collect scrapbook products, but I don’t have room for anymore of that. 🙂

Week in the Life: Album Sneak Peek

This past weekend I worked as much as I could on my Week in the Life album. This is taking me a lot longer than I had imagined! I decided to do a mix of layouts and pocketed pages. I thought the pocketed pages would make things easier, but because of all the different photo orientations and the number of photos it has actually made it more complicated! I did buy some 4×6 and 3×4 Project Life type cards to use in the pockets as well and I’ve had fun selecting those, but it also took some time!

At this point I have all my photos printed and where I want them to go, and cards in the pockets. I also cut out a bunch of cards and words with my Silhouette that I am really happy with. I need to add all the journaling and embellishments and also make the 12×12 pages, and then I’ll be done! I’m hoping I will have more fun with all the stuff I have left to do. At this point after working with the pockets this way I don’t see myself ever doing Project Life. I like sticking with a majority of 12×12 pages with some pocketed pages mixed in here and there. I guess I could change my mind? It just flows so completely differently.

So….hopefully Serena will take some long naps this week and I can get this done! I’m pretty excited about it.

Instagram update

Lately I’ve seen a few people talking about what they are doing with their instagram photos. I thought it would be fun to find a cool way to display them, but hadn’t gotten around to anything. One day I was walking down my hallway and saw my printers tray and realized I could easily update it with some of my instagrams! It had actually been a while since I had updated it. I made some mosaics of 6 photos in 1 and ordered them as 4×6 prints, giving me 2×2 photos. I cut those apart and then took half an hour and updated my tray. I didn’t replace all the photos. I left some of the old ones in. Trevor already told me he didn’t want me to fill it with photos of Serena because he loves seeing all the photos of our friends and family in there. I actually originally saw this idea on Ali Edwards’s blog and hers was filled with photos of her kids! Ha! Hopefully as I take more instagram photos and get some more of friends and family I can print more and change out some more photos. I like it so far though!

October Afternoon Warehouse Sale 2013

Last night my friend Becca and I went to the opening night of the October Afternoon Warehouse Sale! October Afternoon is one of our fave scrapbook companies, and they just happen to be located here in Minnesota. We’ve lucked out because for the past few years they have had a warehouse sale each fall and sold discounted products. Becca and I went to the sale together in 2011. Last year we planned to go, and the day we were going I was put on bed rest while pregnant with Serena because of high blood pressure, so I missed out! This year nothing was going to stop me! I knew it would be great deals and easy to fill up my “shopping box”, but I rarely buy scrapbook supplies anymore. Once upon a time I shopped every week or so! Now I basically scrapbook shop socially, or when I need a scrapbook or adhesive or something essential like that. So this was my big annual shopping trip and I can’t believe all that I got for what I spent!

The first night of the sale was from 6-9 and they asked we bring non-perishable food items for a local food shelf. Becca and I decided to meet each other there at 7, and we both showed up at around 7:10 or so. We stood in a line outside the warehouse waiting for our turn to shop. They only let a certain number of people inside to shop, and then as people left they would let more people in. People in the line actually cheered when they saw each person leave. Ha! Becca and I ended up waiting in line for over an hour. I’m not exactly sure what time they let us in. Maybe around 8:30? I think most of the people there were also planning on going to Scrapfest at the Mall of America. The people behind me in line had driven up from Kansas City for their 5th year in a row. I’ve actually never been to the event even though I live here…

Inside the warehouse we entered a small room to start out with some really great deals as well as some of the newer lines in collection packs. Then we entered into the bigger room packed full of product and people. It was a much bigger sale than the one I went to two years ago, but Becca said it was similar to last year. They had packs of paper that were 25 sheets all of the same paper raging in price from $1 to $9. I bought some of this and Becca and I also split some of the packs. They had lots of items 3 for $1, 5 for $3, etc. A few items were also buy x get 1 free. They also had one area of irregular sized paper that was 25 sheets for $1. I bought this last time (and this time as well) and used it a lot for cards or to cut out with my Silhouette. They had grab bags for $3 full of all kinds of embellishments so I bought one of those for fun and was happy with all that I got!

The line to check out was a long wait as well, and wrapped around the back of the warehouse so everyone was still shopping as they waited in the check out line. We didn’t get done until just about 10:00!

Here is my box of stuff before I checked out:

They had some people there who would write a list of what was in your box, and then they had 2 cash registers where they could ring it all up. Here’s looking back after I checked out.

If you spent $50 you got a Travel Girl 12×12 paper pack. If you spent $75 you got a Travel girl embellishment pack. I spent enough to get both of them and more.

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for- what I got. I know I don’t NEED all of this, but the prices were so good and I love all their stuff! I bought a lot of Christmas stuff, Farm Girl and some Travel Girl stuff, and a mix of little things from many different lines. I know it will be easy to use with the photos I’ve been taking of Serena.  I use the mini market alphas all the time on almost every layout so I got lots of those.

Insane. I know. It’s awesome. :-)I spent about $100. Becca said when she reacted to how much she spent the woman at the register told her she was an amateur because she had seen someone spend over $1000 and another $600, etc.

And for those of you who are interested, the lines I saw most of that come to mind: 9 to 5, Sasparilla, Travel Girl, Cakewalk, Farm Girl, Woodland Park, Midway, Witch Hazel, and some Christmas stuff.

A closer look at some of the (2-sided, showing both sides) papers I got:

 I better find some time to scrapbook now. 🙂

So, here I am, photoless

I had hoped to be working on my Week in the Life album this week, but that hasn’t happened. I just got a chance to order prints of some of the photos and it was quite the ordeal to do. When I imported photos over to Costco from Flickr it copied multiples of photos for some reason and changed the order they were in. Disaster. In the end I decided to order one 8×10 photo from each day, and then a random assortment of 100 4x6s since I have a coupon for 100 free prints in store. Last time I ordered prints from Costco I could pick them up the next day. This time I can’t pick them up for 3 days. So, I will have some prints on Friday afternoon from Costco, and will print some others at home. I have a Selphy printer, but have had problems with it so am hoping I can get it to work ok again….So hopefully I can work on my album this weekend!

Serena and I have both been under the weather. With the amount she is drooling I am still thinking teething is part of it for her. I have a cold. Today we did nothing but sit around and play. We didn’t leave the house, which is nice every once in a while! We’ll leave tomorrow to at least pick up a humidifier for our room. Serena has one but we need a new one. Being sick is no good, but having Serena around keeps me in good spirits! I dressed her really cute today even though I knew we weren’t leaving the house. It’s the little things, right? I have tried a couple of times now to do her 10 month photo shoot but have failed. She is so mobile now that it’s practically impossible. She is NOT interested in sitting for photos. Guess I will try again! It’s just this one and two more and the monthlies will be done!

I actually have plans with friends the next couple of nights, so I need to rest up! I’ll have some more things to blog once I’ve left the house again….Thanks for hanging in there!

Week in the Life: Sunday

Today is my last day taking photos to document a week in the life of me! The project doesn’t end here though. The next step is to chose and print photos, and then put together my Week in the Life book! I’m excited!

Sunday has been a busy day, with less photos than the rest of the week.

Woke up- Serena let us sleep in.


Serena was in the nursery during the message today.

My taco dip for the party.

Watching the game/playing with toys/chasing the baby/eating food at Jake and Mindy’s.

Farewell open house for Nathan and Shelly with live children’s music and lots of kids and babies everywhere. It was nice to talk to some people I went to college with and talk about mom stuff with moms.

I was sad to say goodbye to Shelly. She and her fam are leaving the country so I know I won’t see them for years. She’s a good friend from college. Can’t believe we met 15 years ago!

Us after putting a super tired nap-deprived baby to bed. I think I’m going to have cereal for dinner, and fold laundry.

So glad I took all these photos to document what my life is like right now. I realize I need more time to myself. I realize I have a lot of great people in my life. I am comfortable in my home. I love being a mom. Life is good. I’m sure as I look back on the week more I will learn more. I might do this again someday. If you’re thinking about it, try it.

Week in the Life: Saturday

So I was wrong last night. I didn’t go to bed early. Serena woke up and stayed up for a while screaming and crying tears. I hadn’t heard her that sad since she was a little baby. It was so heartbreaking! I gave her Tylenol, teething gel, and I also tried to use the aspirator because she was so congested but that super freaked her out. I put her humidifier in her room and the plug-in vicks as well. I rocked her and played some soft music. Eventually she calmed down, not long before her dad got home. Of course he missed all the screaming and got big smiles from her!

We were up early this morning to head to the Minnesota Zoo with our across-the-street neighbors and good friends Nate and Martha and their two boys. It was Serena’s first trip to the zoo!


His and hers coffee to go.

Part 2 of breakfast on the go.

Milo and Serena looking at the monkeys.

Serena liked the zoo a lot more than I was expecting. She was actually quite interested in the animals! I got a zoo membership today so I can take Serena there as much as I want!

One of my fave things to see there. This is a sea dragon. It doesn’t seem real. It seems like something from a fairy tale. I love the sea horses too. Serena actually really enjoyed watching the sea horses, or any fish, or anything that was swimming actually!

We were there until after noon (we got there at about 9:15). Serena totally skipped her morning nap! She zoned out by the end.

Back home and ready to play after some lunch.

Trev went over to Nate’s to bottle the beer they are brewing and he took some photos for me. 🙂

I’m tired.

And it’s raining.


After I put Serena to bed I headed right to the store for party food for tomorrow’s events.

And it was still raining. A lot.


Blogging. Another free Shutterfly book to finish. Seven layer taco dip to make. Then sleep!

Week in the Life: Friday

TGIF! My only plans for my Friday were to buy dog food and get some time to relax! Serena ended up waking earlier today than usual (6 AM instead of 7:30) and didn’t nap as well. I think she is teething. Poor baby! We still had a pretty good day anyway. On this day I am thankful for the past couple days of seeing friends, clean laundry,  the weekend ahead full of plans with dear friends, a mostly happy and very friendly baby, and a God I find rest and hope in.

I got up with Serena at 6 AM, nursed her, played with her and gave her breakfast. She was not interested in her oatmeal this morning. She refused to eat it after two bites. She ate some banana and yogurt but not much. Poor Sere Lu must be teething! Not long after this she was down for her morning nap.

The bag I’m using now for my meter and insulin pens. It’s from the Target “One Spot” just like my last one was. I like it.

In the kitchen. Mom, Dad, and I collected these this summer!

Cash. Poor buddy needs some more attention, and a haircut.

Bathroom selfie!

I love this stuff!

While Serena napped, after I got ready I brought up the laundry to fold, but only folded hers (and put it away once she was up). Hers is way more fun to fold. 🙂 I had my second cup of coffee, washed dishes and cleaned in the kitchen.

I might just have to give up on Candy Crush. Level 275 is ridiculous. I hate the 3 move bombs!

When Serena woke up I cut her fingernails. I’ve discovered that right after she wakes up is the easiest least squirmy time to accomplish this.

Then we headed out to run errands. We left North Minneapolis via the Lowry Avenue Bridge. I can’t even tell you how much I love this bridge after living without it for three years.

We stopped at a thrift store we were driving by. When we got there two elderly women were getting out of the car next to us. One of them pointed at the furniture in the window and said “That’s grandma furniture. We don’t want that!” The irony. Also while we were there we happened to run into Jesse, who Trevor and I went to college with and Trevor also went to Bible school with. He actually manages the store! I had no idea. I took this photo to text to Trevor. Jesse and Serena hadn’t met yet and she was so happy to meet him! While we were shopping in the store an old man smiled at Serena and then told us a story about his sons when they were young and about how one of them excelled with computer skills but then didn’t do very well once he and his wife (the boy’s mother) divorced. Random and sad. (Sidenote, I have learned when you walk a dog around the neighborhood you should expect random people to talk to you and tell you random and sometimes sad things, and when you have a baby and go shopping in thrift stores to expect the same!)

Then Serena and I went to Chuck & Don’s to pick up Cash’s dog food (Fromm Duck & Sweet Potato). This was the last bag we needed to get a free one. After the free one we will make the full switch over to a similar food we can get for much less at Costco. The other photo above I snapped on 35W crossing over the new part of the bridge (I honestly rarely drive here without thinking of September 1, 2007). I caught part of downtown as well as the Stone Arch Bridge. This is a lucky shot I caught when I snapped a bunch lomo-style.

Back to North.

Home. Happy mail! This is my stack of free prints from Shutterfly.

This has been on my mind a lot lately.

Hanging out in Serena’s room with her. She’s dancing to the music her “Jesus Loves Me” book (from her great aunt Judy and great uncle Bill) is playing. So great!

She took a short afternoon nap at some point but woke up twice screaming. I think it’s the teething. I gave her teething gel and Tylenol and a frozen mini waffle to gum.

We left and went and picked Trevor up from happy hour by his work downtown. I encountered a lot of frustrating North Mpls driving including a woman running across the street in the middle of the street in traffic, no turn-signal slow and turn into a business drive, and a motorcycle passing a few cars stopped at a red light by using the bike lane, then speeding up in the bike lane on the other side of the intersection and moving back to the traffic lane….That was a first.

We picked Trevor up downtown and then got McDonald’s (by the time we decided, our only option) to bring home for dinner. Serena and Cash shared a happy meal! Haha! She had 2 chicken nuggets (minus the breading) and apple slices. He had 2 chicken nuggets and the fries. What can I say? I feel bad for the ole pup so I spoiled him tonight…

Serena was so ready for bed she only made it through 3 pages of Harold and the Purple Crayon. Trev headed out to socialize with other dudes. I am home with my sleeping baby, my laptop, my dog next to me, and a glass of wine. I don’t think I will stay up very late. Serena will be up early in the morning and we have a fun day ahead of us!

If you made it through to the end of this post I applaud you. I’m much talkier today.


Week in the Life: Thursday

This week is flying by. For a while I was thinking that it was Wednesday, but realized it’s Thursday and tomorrow is Friday. Friday is my one other day this week with no plans! Today Serena and I had so much fun and she chattered away. We met up with Becca and Cora for lunch and some shopping.

As I was doing laundry tonight I realized that this week really is so different from what my norm used to be even just a couple of weeks ago. I feel like I need to note somewhere for others, and for myself, that it was just last week that Serena started taking 1 1/2 to 2 hour naps once or twice a day. Life has been so different with these naps! Before last week, she fought naps a lot, and when she did nap, it usually was a half hour nap! Now that she is taking longer naps, I am able to do a lot more stuff around the house, and work on all these photos.

I took all my photos with the iPhone today.

Serena grabbed my phone this morning and next thing I knew Siri was talking. So funny.

Apple cookies I bought at IKEA yesterday.

Lunch at Pizza Luce with Becca and Cora. Becca and I ordered the exact same lunch special and Cora shared some of her food with Serena. 🙂

Serena and Cora looking around the table at each other.


After lunch we hit up the Goodwill nearby. I bought some 50% off clothes for Serena and a couple baskets.

When we got home Serena took a nap and I got some things done around the house. When she woke up Cash was asking to go out, so we went outside with him. The weather was just so perfect and Serena was so happy. It was the best moment of my day.

We played for a while until Trevor got home. Then I made spaghetti for dinner, gave Serena a bath, nursed her and put her to bed (and Trevor read her a book).


DVR’d TV and laptop time with my sweetie.