The Stuff

I’ve seen a few blog posts out there from newish moms sharing what baby products they especially loved, so I figured I would add my two cents. When I was pregnant I was so overwhelmed with all the choices that are out there for everything! I did a ton of research before putting together my registry and buying items for Serena. I read blogs, parenting web sites, the Baby Bargains book one of Trevor’s co-workers gave us, Consumer Reports…

1. Snuggabunny Swing

We bought this swing on clearance at Target for a great price after hearing it recommended again and again. It’s great because you plug it in, so don’t need batteries, and you can choose to have it swing front to back or side to side. Some nights one or both of us slept on the couch and love seat in the living room while Serena slept in the swing. She slept longer in the swing, and sometimes it was the only thing that worked to get her to sleep! She loved this swing until she was about 5 or 6 months old.

2. Boon Grass Drying Rack and Accessory

This counter-top drying rack works super great for bottles and pump parts. The accessory is great as well for little parts and right now I have pacifiers and her toothbrush drying on it. One of my friends said she still uses hers for sippy cups. It works well and looks fun! We have the tree accessory but there is also a flower one available.

3. Baby Bjorn soft bibs

I tried a few different bibs but these are just the easiest to use and clean, and Serena doesn’t put it in her mouth between each bite like the others!

4. Graco Car Seat Stroller Frame

This was so great. It is lite and doesn’t take up much space and I used it a lot with Serena until she grew out of her infant seat.

5. Miracle Blankets

These worked great for swaddling as Serena would only sleep if she was swaddled! We were given several of these as a hand-me-down and they worked great!

6. IKEA Baby Stuff!

Most of Serena’s furniture is from IKEA. My wonderful parents purchased her crib for us from there, but we also bought her dresser and many other items from IKEA. They have great products for decoration and organization as well, and Serena has a few of their toys that she also loves!

*Pysslingar Underbead Storage

I have two of these under S’s crib that I store her extra bedding and blankets in. It works perfectly for us!

*Kusiner Wall Pockets

I have these pockets on the wall by her dresser/changing pad filled with her lotions, diaper cream, sunscreen, and also socks and hair accessories.

*Mula Stack and Nest Cups

This is her fave toy by far and she loses all the cups under our furniture! She loves to play with them!

IKEA also has some great lighting options. I got a lamp and shade for her room as well as a cute wall lamp that we leave on for her during the night. So many great options!

I could go on and on really, but these are probably my faves so far!



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