Operation Curb Appeal: Paint

During these past two weeks something happened that I’ve been waiting for for a long time….years, actually. It finally worked out to have our house trim painted! Parts of our house and the trim have been peeling for way too long. The most obvious was the paint on the garage and the dark green peeling paint on the windows and doors. Any time we were hoping to get our house painted in the past, Trevor was laid off from his job! Finally, this summer, Trevor is working and our friends with a painting business were available. Trevor will still have to power wash the house, but all the newly painted parts look so nice! Marque and Jose even surprised us and painted the board at the top the trim color to make it pop a little more, and also painted the front steps.

I went with a gray color for the trim. I wanted to pick something different than white, but something still neutral to not look too outdated.

Serena was fascinated by Jose painting the inside trim by the front door!

Now that the painting is done, we still have some other things to take care of- windows to clean, landscaping to fix, etc. But we are one step closer to a happy looking house!

P.S. See how dark this front room is, even in the middle of the day? I keep hoping to paint the walls white, but Trevor has been against it for a long time. Now he says I can do it if I want but he won’t help me. Should I try to get a friend or two to help and do it or should I leave it alone?


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