When I Worked at Washburn

Today is the first day of school for Minneapolis, and instead of handing out change of schedule forms and replacement schedules to kids, I’m hanging out at home with my very own kid! Working at Washburn High School was one of my favorite jobs. It’s sort of strange to not  be there now, but at the same time, I love my new job hanging out with Serena! I actually did go back on a couple of different days recently to help out- the counselors called to ask if I could come in for a few hours to help train my replacement and I happily did! Serena got to come with me and see everyone. She loved to see everyone. They also asked me to cut out some things for the bulletin board as I have done in the past, so I did that as well. So even though I am not there now, I am happy to help.

Towards the beginning of 2013 when I went back to work after my maternity leave, it was the same week as the baby doll incident. After this incident and all the media attention, meetings, etc. you would think that would be enough drama for a school. Then there was a  walk-out and sit-in after word got out that the athletic director might be removed. And then our principal was removed and we found out from the news before the district was able to tell us…

Let me tell you, the principal being removed with a few weeks left of the school year really complicates things. It makes things hard for all staff and students. It doesn’t make things easy when you are the person who orders diplomas and prints transcripts and tons of documents with principal signatures or makes the commencement program either….Just sayin’.

Adjusting to life with a baby and trying to work and be a mom and all of that is hard enough, but with all of this, life was just super stressful. When I heard that this new school year started out with the new principal being removed within just a couple of days, I new I made the right decision to not go back this school year….

I loved working at Washburn because I worked with some really great people and awesome kids. I loved that my job never got boring! My heart is with the staff this year and I wish them the best of luck with the new principal search also.

Here’s the e-mail I sent to my friends at Washburn on my last day this past spring:

A little over two years ago I was working as a temp for MPS and was asked to do a 3 day job at Washburn. On day two I was asked if I could stay and finish out the school year and before I knew it getting me to stay “for real” was in the works. In June we parted ways and I was full of hope that I would be back. In September I quit the permanent job I had taken that summer, with no notice, to be the official Washburn counseling clerk. 🙂 From the beginning I knew I was meant to be at Washburn. I had never worked in a place where people were so welcoming and supportive before. For the past two years it was exactly where I needed to be! I really thought I could stick around here forever!

Working at Washburn with these students and this staff has been an amazing experience and has forever impacted my life in many ways. I am excited for this new phase of my life and becoming a stay at home mom to my precious baby girl Serena, but I am sad to leave these wonderful friends I get to see each weekday. I want to say thank you for everything! Thanks for giving me a chance, for working so hard to keep me here, for the talks about all kinds of life stuff, for the support through my pregnancy, bed rest, and maternity leave. I will forever remember your kindness, hard work, and the passion you have for these kids and their happiness and success.

Be in touch!


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