Movie Recommendation- West of Memphis

I am a movie lover, and I watch all different kinds of movies. Documentaries are at the top of my list, and I watched a really good one last night. After seeing the Paradise Lost movies, I was looking forward to seeing one movie that told most of the story in one film, and even though I had seen the others, there was new information in West of Memphis. I also think it was different watching the movie as a mother, now having my own child. I felt for the mothers of the three children who lost their lives, but I also felt for the mothers of the boys, now men, who were imprisoned based on the way Damien dressed, unreliable witnesses, false information (especially about the knife and wounds), and a coerced confession given by a borderline mentally disabled kid. I never thought Damien, Jason, and Jessie were proven guilty and what is shown of their trials is just ridiculous. What do you think?



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