9 Month Old Serena!

Today Serena is 9 months old. This milestone feels especially big to me because I had imagined her reaching 9 months for quite a while as I made my decision to stay home with her. Yesterday the clerical staff started back for  the new school year, and I wasn’t one of them! I’ve been thinking a lot the past couple days about the people I worked with and hoping things are going well. I am appreciating even more that I am home with Serena as she just recently started to become more attached and cries if I walk away from her! She has always been great with people. She loves people! I used to be able to hand her to anyone and walk away with no issues. Now she is fine with being held by others, but I can’t walk away without her crying. Just within the past few days she has started to prefer me. I think it would have been especially hard now to bring her back to daycare- hard for both of us. I guess this is pretty normal 9-month behavior.

On Friday Serena started doing “so big” on her own for the first time. She did it for her Nana Tungseth first, when I wasn’t even around! She does it a lot now, sometimes just on her own without us saying anything to prompt it, when she’s excited. It’s so cute.

At 9 months Serena is crawling lots and crawling fast! She has been trying to pull herself up for a while and just figured out how to do it a couple days ago. She is constantly pulling herself up, sitting back down gently, and also pulling herself up and cruising a few steps. It’s crazy to see how fast she is changing- another reason I am lucky to be home with her!

Crawling around and wearing one of my dresses I wore when I was a baby!

She is a little squealer and squawker, and she makes a low roar I call her monster noises. She also just started saying gaga and baba, and says mama and dada and even said “Mom” to me the other day. It’s the best!

She loves to hold on to any kind of strap, and put it in her mouth if she can or if she doesn’t have a pacifier in, which she also loves!

She loves to feed herself and also tries to take the spoon away as well. She likes watermelon, blueberries, chicken, baked carrots, puffs, yogurt melts, banana. There isn’t much she won’t eat and will try any little pieces I put in front of her. She had mandarin oranges today for the first time and seemed to enjoy them as well. She still nurses pretty often and is getting better at drinking a bit of water out of a sippy cup with her meals. She is a great eater but has thinned out a bit since she started crawling!

Serena loves people. She will watch and smile at any kid she comes across.  She also loves friendly adults. Today at Costco she was smiling and looking past me so I looked behind me to see a blonde woman pushing her cart and smiling. After we checked out I got in the food line for my $1.50 hot dog and fountain soda lunch and she smiled at the man in line behind us the whole time. The blonde woman walked by and said “She flirts with everyone” and smiled. It’s true! She is so smiley and happy most of the time and so much fun. I am so blessed to be her mama!


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