What are the odds?

Something happened the other day that has never happened to me before.

Trevor, Serena, and I went to run errands and decided to eat lunch at Panera Bread. We had to wait in a short line of people taking too long to place their orders…I was losing my patience with my arms full of a purse, diaper bag, and 21 lb baby. 🙂 I did notice the woman in front of me placing her order. Even though she was taking a bit to place her order she had a good vibe about her. The rest of you out there get these vibes from strangers, right? Anyway, she was a woman dressed in expensive athletic clothes, and was in her 60s, with a stylish haircut. She placed her order and then I placed our order next.

We found a table and a high chair and Trev sat down with Serena. I went over to the counter to wait for our food. The Panera worker called “Karen” as I was expecting since my name is rarely pronounced correctly by strangers. The woman who had placed her order ahead of me walked up to the counter at the same time as I did. She asked “Are you Karen or Karin (car-in)?” I answered, “Yes, I’m Karin.” She said, “I’m Karin! K-A-R-I-N?” I nodded yes. “I’ve never met another Karin in my life!” I said, “Really?!” and then we looked at the receipt and saw the order was hers. She grabbed her food and was out the door. No chance for me to say another word. Maybe that’s why she hasn’t met any other Karins if she is always in such a hurry. 🙂

My name isn’t very common, but I have met several others with it in my lifetime- in high school, at church camp, in a couple former jobs. But this is the first time my name was called, there were only two people there, and both of them were named Karin. It will probably never happen again!


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