Door County Road Trip Numero Uno

For me summer means:

Lake time
Road trips

It’s been that way for me for most of my life, and this summer is no exception! We’ve already gone camping and to a reunion with Trevor’s relatives, and last week we got to see some Pedersens. Serena got to go camping in a tent for the first time in June, and in July she got to stay in a camper for the first time! Serena and I road tripped it to Door County, Wisconsin.


My parents have a camper there and it’s their second home in the summer. I didn’t manage to make it there last summer, but this summer we’ll be there with them twice! Door County is a beautiful place with lots of cherries, wineries, restaurants, parks, theater, etc. Serena and I made the few hour drive there to spend some time with her grandparents, and my brother Eric and his wife Brittany who also made the drive for some quality family time! I got a lot of good use out of the Baby Bjorn!

Serena had a blast hanging out at the camper. I brought the beach blanket. Mom brought a little walker that Serena loved to move around in. She had fun untying everyone’s shoes, and trying to eat leaves, and crawling towards the fire!

We had some good food there! We ate at a couple of restaurants and Dad always makes delicious food too. Of course we also had to have some cherry pie! Brittany and I had to have the delicious ice cream we remembered from two years ago- cherry cheesecake. Dad made Swedish pancakes for breakfast one morning as well.


Door County is beautiful. The weather was actually pretty cold for July, and I didn’t get to see as much as I like to, but got some walking and shopping in.

Trevor didn’t go with us this time but will be with us when we go back in a couple of weeks. We did FaceTime him a couple of times though!

I was tired because Serena wouldn’t go to sleep….He took this and sent it to me later to show me how mad she looked. Haha.

Saying goodbye is the toughest part! It’s always good to be with family!


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