And…2 out of 4, not too bad!

A little homemade baby food update for you!

I tried the blueberry/banana/mango mix in her oatmeal and she was not a fan. She didn’t spit it out, but she made lots of faces. I gave up and gave her the stuff I bought at the store.

But then I tried a mix of carrots and peas for lunch and she loved it! She mmmmmed and ate it right up! Success!

Another day I tried giving her some of the baked carrots cut up into little bits and once again she loved the carrots! I’ve done this a couple of times now and she loves feeding herself the little carrot bits. I think next time I will give her a little bit bigger pieces that will be easier for her to pick up. I definitely need to try to give her more finger food though as she really likes it and is getting better at feeding herself.

So maybe I won’t give up after all. 🙂


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