Camping (In a Tent) + Baby

Last summer when I was pregnant and we chose dates for this summer’s Cousins Camping weekend I knew that this year we would have a baby with us. I didn’t question going camping with a baby though because in years past some other cousins had camped with babies, and I grew up camping my entire life! I remember camping when my younger brothers were small. When we were camping last year we broke our tent and replaced it with a large tent knowing that it would be more than just the two of us going forward and room for a pack ‘n play would be nice. That didn’t mean I wasn’t nervous though!

We camped for two nights, so not long, and with a group of about twenty of us. Serena did really well! The first night it took us a long time to get her to go to bed. We decided to wait until a later time the next night when it was darker and the other kids would be going to bed. I think it was hard for her to go to bed when everyone else was still awake and loud and it was still so bright out! It might have been easier to put her to bed earlier if we weren’t camping with a large group, but I’m not sure.

Some things that worked well for us-

*Having the pack n’ play in our tent. She had slept in it before at both her grandparents homes a few times so it wasn’t totally foreign to her.

*Packing our clothes and all the baby stuff in tubs instead of bags/suitcases. We had a tub of our stuff and a tub of her stuff and everything was right there in our (large) tent. We also used her tub as a make-shift changing table. I laid a couple of blankets and changing pad on it and changed her there.

*Having a thicker sleep sack for her to sleep in was nice and she seemed quite comfortable. We had a hand-me-down gro-bag that she slept in.

*Her bumbo was perfect to have with and feed her her meals in or have her at the table with all of us.

I wish we would have had a big beach blanket. Trevor’s cousin-in-law Karen had one at the beach she let us use that was great for Serena to crawl around on. At the campground we had a cheap $3 throw blanket I put out for Serena to play on but the big beach blanket would have been better. After we got back I bought a nice big one at Target that I definitely will bring with next time we go camping!

We will definitely take her camping again. It was great for her to be outside and with family like that. We’re talking about going camping just the three of us (and maybe the dog) some time later this summer. We’ll see what that is like without a big group!


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