Two weeks in

We’re almost two weeks into summer! In two weeks I’ve:

*Gotten together with many friends! We went to IKEA, went to garage sales, had friends over for pizza, had friends over for summer food, and went with friends to a fabulous park!

*Planned meals and went grocery shopping. Serena sat in a grocery cart like a big kid for the first time! We’ve been to Aldi, Trader Joe’s, and Costco. No problems and no big deal. I can do this!

*Made a summer meal. We grilled brats for the first time this summer and I made Mom’s potato salad.

*Survived huge thunderstorms and many people in the Twin Cities lost power for days! Luckily we never lost ours and we didn’t lose any trees. Just a couple miles from us there is now a sinkhole! Trevor is thankful he doesn’t have to drive Serena to daycare anymore because the sinkhole is on the road we took to get there!

Serena is doing great and is getting a bit better about taking naps. Cash Howard our cockapoo is still adjusting to Serena and I being home with him and is having a tough time. The weather has been all over the place and we’ve had lots of rain. Here’s hoping for a nice weather weekend!



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