Living the Dream- Day Two

It was a big decision but in the end I knew it was the right one for me. I decided to finish up the school year in my job at a high school and then call it quits. In the fall I won’t be going back. There are many reasons I decided to stay home with Serena, but I especially knew it was just going to be too hard to go back when my 7-week summer break ended. So now, I don’t have a summer break that will end, I am just home for good! I did love my job, which I will for sure get into more at some point.

It has been my dream for a long time to be a mama and to get to hang out with my baby all day, so now I am living the dream! Day one started out really smoothly but then little one was pretty cranky. She has a cold- stuffy nose and cough which isn’t fun.

She loves to fight naps. When she does take one it’s for 30-45 minutes tops! So I’m going to have to learn how to get stuff done while she’s awake!

Day two has been fun. My friend Michelle was in town for the day from Fergus Falls, so we went to IKEA, Panera Bread, and Archiver’s.

Serena actually did really well on our shopping trip. She absolutely loved spending time with Michelle and she mostly just chilled out and looked at all the people and things everywhere. She took a couple naps while we were out also. The car always helps with that! IKEA is one of my fave stores of all time. I didn’t shop for anything too exciting but I still managed to come home with lots of little items. Our biggest items were these two:

The Perbsy bin with lid $12.99 pictured above. I bought the grey one to use for recycling since we don’t have to sort it anymore! Can you tell I’m excited?! I couldn’t find it on the IKEA site anywhere so maybe it’s something they are phasing out?

klack tray

The Klack Tray for $7.99

I bought this to keep on one of our ottomans in the living room. I haven’t decided if I’m going to cover the inside with something or leave it plain.

I don’t go shopping for craft or scrapbooking supplies very often anymore, but Michelle and I always like to go to Archiver’s when she is in town and use our coupons. We actually both forgot our coupons but they had them on file with our phone numbers so we could use them anyway without physically having them! There is a $5 off any $5 or above item coupon right now, so I was able to use that towards this $8.99 Amy Tangerine embroidery kit item. I am excited to try it out!

amy tangerine

I ended the day playing with Serena in our living room in her fave spot to roll around on the floor. She has been rolling all over the place and scooting underneath things where she gets her legs stuck- under the couch, loveseat, TV bench, etc. Here’s an example. 🙂

Isn’t my Sere Lu just the cutest?!


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