Yarn wreath for Mom

A year ago I showed you a couple of yarn wreaths I had made to hang on our doors. I decided to make one for my mom for Mother’s Day this year! To get some ideas I looked around on Pinterest. Have you been to pinterest yet? If not, why not? It’s fabulous! Anyway, I found some inspiration that led me to this. I made my very own version of one of the wreaths, and this is how it turned out.

And here is Mom with it on Mother’s Day, as posted on Facebook:

Making this one made me want to make some more! It’s sort of addicting. Making the felt flowers is pretty fun. The hardest part is guessing on the size of what you cut because it’s hard to tell how big the flower will turn out! Here’s a tutorial I would like to try out next time.


One thought on “Yarn wreath for Mom

  1. I’ve always loved those wreaths! I would like to try to make some sometime. I couldn’t see the tutorial you posted at the end though – it was blocked (im at work)

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