New sounds in my ears and I love it.

Still at the temp job. It snowed a lot last weekend. I’m drinking coffee in the mornings and running errands in the evenings. We have more fun things going on the rest of the week, thankfully, and tomorrow is Trevor’s birthday! But what I really want to talk about right now is music!

Lykke Li is a Swedish artist that I’ve been listening to for just a couple of years. I really liked her first album, Youth Novels. My fave songs were “I’m Good, I’m Gone,” “Little Bit,” and “Tonight.” Her new album “Wounded Rhymes” comes out in March, and you can stream it here. I love every song!

Eisley is a family band (3 sisters, their brother, and their cousin) from Texas that I have been listening to for several years as well. Trevor and I saw them here in Minneapolis a few years ago at The Ascot Room at The Quest. Delightful! On March 1 they have a new album coming out (since their last one four years ago) called The Valley, and you can stream the entire album here. I haven’t listened to this one yet, but hope to soon!

Radiohead announced a little over a week ago that they were releasing a new album for pre-order and download on Saturday, February 19th. Then on Friday, February 18th, they decided to release it early! Their last album came out an entire three years ago. I know not everyone is a fan of Radiohead, but I have been listening for years and fell in love with their music in 2000. It has changed a lot from album to album but it always seems just right at the time. You can get the new album at

Happy listening!


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