Happy Birthday to My Dad

Today is my dad’s 60th birthday! He doesn’t want anyone to make a big deal about it or throw any parties or anything, but I decided I needed to let you all know how much I love my dad!

Dad is great at so many things and has always encouraged me to try different things out and improve at them hoping that one day I can be great! He is not only a pastor, but also a gardener, a chef, a poet, a blogger, and more! He is constantly reading and learning and is full of knowledge. Family is really important to him, and not just his immediate family, but he is always reaching out to others and his, as well as my mother’s, love for family has rubbed off on me as well. A lot of effort has to be made because growing up we never lived very close to other relatives.

Throughout my life Dad has encouraged me to try new things. He helped me to learn how to ride my bike, drive a car (and stick shift), play volleyball, get an e-mail address, make my own web site…He’s also given me my love for travel and wanting to go new places. We went on road trips every summer, and it was his idea to gave me the gift of a trip to Paraguay for the summer to be with my cousins there and learn and grow as a teenager. He’s shown me how he makes his masterpieces in the kitchen and given me cookbooks and tips. He’s shared poetry with me, talked theology, got me into buying CDs and plays music for me he knows I will appreciate. He’s showed me that it’s important to remember names and faces, to write, to take good pictures, and to laugh. He’s taught me it’s important to study the Word and to Keep Looking Up.

Thanks Dad for being who you are, an awesome dad. Happy Birthday and have fun starting up Project 365!


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