Celebrating Cousins

February started out with lots of celebrating! I already shared with you about our anniversary, but we also celebrated some birthdays.

On Feb 3rd, Kyle & Kevin’s 32nd birthday, we joined their immediate families for birthday dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, Kyle’s choice.

Kevin is on the left and Kyle on the right.

Here we are with Kevin the following night at Sammy Perrella’s, his choice.

Some background: The twins and Trevor are cousins. They (the twins and Trev) got along pretty well growing up, but always lived hours apart.  When Trevor was in college (here in the cities), he was working in an office building and discovered that his cousin Kyle happened to also be working in the same building! Because of this they started to talk and then hang out a lot more and developed a close friendship. They quickly became best friends, and started a pool team together to play in weekly pool leagues. Now Kyle took time off and Kevin is currently on the pool team.

Kyle is more outgoing and Kevin is more of an introvert. Kyle works from home doing office work and Kevin works outside at an auto auction. They are both really kind and extremely intelligent. They constantly make hilarious jokes and are awesome at trivia games. Much of the extended family has trouble telling them apart, but I have only hesitated a couple of times. My favorite story that I like to tell involves Kevin standing in for Kyle as best man at our wedding when Kyle felt faint and sat down. Kevin was an usher so was in the same attire and many people didn’t know the switch happened. Trevor always says he wished he would have planned it himself, because he loved having them both essentially as best man. Basically, we really appreciate having these guys in our lives!

Here they are at our Super Bowl party the Sunday after their birthday with the cake I made them. Kyle chose jello drop cake, and Kevin chose the flavors of jello (raspberry and orange).

The Saturday after the twins’ birthday was cousin Melanie’s birthday! Her birthday is the same as our wedding anniversary. When we said we weren’t sure if we’d make it to her 21st birthday party she said she thought we could spend some time at her 21st birthday party since she spent her 15th birthday at our wedding. 🙂

We met up with a large group of people at Solera downtown. This is Britta (Mel’s sis) on the left and Melanie on the right. We had fun hanging out at the end of the table with cousin Adam and cousin Luke & his wife Annie.

A year ago none of these cousins (besides Kyle, Kevin, and their siblings) were living in the Twin Cities, so we are so happy to have so many around now! Britta and Melanie both moved here last summer from Fargo, and Luke and Annie moved here last fall after living in North Carolina for several years!

Only a couple more weeks and we’ll be celebrating Trevor’s birthday. Yay!


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