Cabin fever and kitchen fun

I didn’t realize how bad Cash’s cabin fever was until last night. I put him in his kennel at bedtime and he cried and cried. I let him outside and put him back in and he cried and cried. This was unusual so i thought maybe he wasn’t feeling well. I let him outside again, then back in the house, and he proceeded to run as fast as he could around the house! He ran in circles in the living room and got out toys to play with…at 12:30 AM! Then I just decided to let him sleep outside his kennel in our room, and eventually he settled down and went to sleep. I felt bad for Trevor who was trying to sleep and get up early for work in the morning. But anyway…of course Cash did this last night, when today is the coldest day ever! There’s no way I’m taking him for a walk today when it is so cold! “Wind Chill Advisory through tomorrow morning. Expect dangerously cold wind chills from -10 to -20 this afternoon & as cold as -20 to -40 tonight into Friday morning.” Crazy! I feel bad for my poor little cockapoo.

So while it is so freezing cold out there, let’s think of some fun things instead. Here are a couple of Christmas presents I got this Christmas that I think are pretty awesome:

Salt and Pants! The little man is the salt shaker and the pants is the pepper shaker. How funny is that?

Measuring Matroyshkas set of 6 dry measuring cups. There are 3 of them and each top and bottom are a measuring cup. Super cute!

And the matching measuring spoons. I’ve been having fun using all of this in my kitchen. There are some other awesome Fred products I wouldn’t mind having in my kitchen as well. 🙂

Well, I am spending today doing some more organizing in my scrap/craft area. I’ve been wanting to go through it and get rid of some of the things I know I’ll never use. I started looking through everything last night. I was feeling like the office was getting way too cluttered again! I’ll take some photos later to show you what it’s looking like lately as I haven’t done that in a while. Tonight I’m going to actually leave the house to go to a movie with my friend Jennie. Not looking forward to experiencing -20! At least it’s a whole 9 degrees right now. Hope you are staying warm!



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