Trevor and I were invited to a happy hour for our friend Jake’s birthday at Bar Lurcat yesterday evening. Trevor met Jake and his girlfriend Mindy when he worked at Medica, and we’ve had lots of fun on dinner dates and game nights with the two of them. They also moved into our neighborhood a couple of years ago so they are kind of neighbors. 🙂 We’ve been trying to plan another night out for a while but haven’t seen them since a game night at their house last spring. We were looking forward to going and helping celebrate Jake’s birthday a little early as they’ll be out of town for his actual birthday.

When we arrived to Bar Lurcat there was a table of family and friends waiting, but no Jake and Mindy! I thought it was strange that they weren’t there yet, and thought something was up. After all the guests had arrived, in walked Jake and Mindy. As soon as we saw them we knew what was up, especially since they both had rings on their fingers! Everyone stood up and cheered. Mindy said, “Surprise! Welcome to our wedding!” They had just come from the courthouse where they had tied the knot! We are so happy for them! Soon after, Mindy’s parents ordered a bunch of appetizers for us all to celebrate and everything was delicious!

The hilarious thing is that at first when everyone was cheering and clapping after they walked in and some people were taking pictures, and then we all sat back down and were talking, the following conversation happened between Trevor and I:

K: “I just asked you two days ago, ‘When do you think Jake and Mindy will get married?'”

T: “They got married?”

K: “Why did you think everyone cheered and stood up clapping?”

T: “I thought it was just because they were dressed funny.”



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