Eventful Monday

Yesterday morning I ventured down to Prior Lake, MN to meet up with Betsy so I could hang out with 2 1/2-year-old Ben while she had a meeting. It’s about a 45 minute drive, and I don’t know the area at all. Of course once I arrived to Prior Lake I started having car trouble! Why of course? Well, because the last 3 or so times that things have happened with my car I’ve been in the Southwest suburbs far from home or the places I take my car to. Also, because the past couple times things have happened with my car, Trevor has conveniently been out of town. Trevor flew out to Vegas for business meetings yesterday, so I should have been expecting it! Haha. So, as I entered Prior Lake, my car started sounding LOUD. It seemed ok when I slowed down, but anything above 25 felt shaky and not right. I was driving on 45 or 55 roads around then too…great.

I drove Ben around town in Betsy’s car. We went to a cute little bakery where all the old folks hanging out there commented on how cute Ben was. We then headed to the library where Ben wanted to take every book off the shelf, but somehow we got out of there just checking out two. We ended our time together at the park. After we met back up with Betsy we ate lunch at Applebees, and then we headed over to the closest place Betsy knew of, Tires Plus for them to look at my car. I really lucked out because 15 minutes later my car was fixed and I didn’t have to pay them anything. It was a good thing I stopped there because it turned out several lugnuts were loose on both sides in the front! Can you imagine? Praise the Lord it all worked out!

After my car situation was taken care of, Betsy, Ben, and I headed to Burnsville Mall. Betsy’s mission was to get a new phone at the T-Mobile store to replace Ryan’s lost one. My job was to keep Ben occupied outside the store so she could actually do this! A two-year-old just wants everything, has to do everything, and needs to do everything “all by myself!” One thing Ben just had to do was the photo booth, so I humored him and we got these pix. I probably should have chosen the black and white option so you couldn’t see my red face after carrying him around so he wouldn’t run into the store. Haha.

After the mall I headed back home. When I arrived Cash Howard was super excited to see me. I started petting him and right away found a wood tick on him! Why am I always the one to find them? I was like, “Oh no! Oh great! You are kidding me!” and I made him sit down so I could get the tick off. Poor little guy thought HE was in trouble and was shaking. I felt so bad! I got the tick off and gave him lots of praise for being a good dog, flushed the tick, and then let Cash outside. I am so tired of seeing ticks this summer! I don’t know what was grosser- seeing the wood tick on Cash or seeing the earwig crawling on the credit card machine at CVS when I bought my Sunday paper!

Thankfully I was able to end my day with a great church choir practice where we learned some new songs! I love this one:

This morning I found out Trev’s flight was canceled this morning, so he wasn’t able to get another flight back from Vegas until this afternoon, after when he was originally supposed to be home! So I’ll see him later tonight. Phew.


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