My dog has something against pillows.

I’ve searched the internet and I couldn’t find anything remotely related, so I decided I HAD to blog about this to ask the internet/the world if there are other dogs that are this weird.

Chances are if my dog has ever been at your house long enough to snoop around, you’ve walked into your bedroom and seen something like this:

He does this at our house almost every day. He does this every time we are at my in-laws. He has done this at friends’ homes. I do not know why, and I’ve never heard of any dog doing this. Cash Howard the almost 4-year-old cockapoo pushes pillows off of beds. This photo shows a situation where most likely he was interrupted and he left the room before completely pushing the pillows off the bed. When I left the room, the pillows were all in place, including the little blue bird throw pillow. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother putting the pillows on the bed when I make it! Has anyone else ever had a dog that on a regular basis liked to push all pillows off the bed? I don’t understand why he does it! It is so weird.

I love the little guy anyway.


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