Home Sweet Home

We are home and are sticking around for a while. We aren’t planning on anymore weekend trips for at least a couple of weeks! One reason we’ll be home more is that Trevor got a new job! He starts his new business analyst job tomorrow. It will be strange to have him gone again but we are so happy about this new opportunity! It really is God’s timing, as we just got Trev’s final severance check last week. He basically had a five month paid vacation and then a raise. Haha. It may seem strange that his first day is a Friday…but that’s because Monday he flies out on his first business trip with the company…to Las Vegas! It’s just a one day trip, but a pretty exciting way to start out a new job.

We had a great few day vacation in Fergus Falls for the 4th of July. On Sunday there were 46 of us celebrating together! The day started with the “Minnehuta Parade” of neighborhood kids. Later on was the annual boat parade of people that live on Hoot Lake. We ate lots of food throughout the day and got lots of sun. The day ended with a few of the cousins shooting off lots of fireworks. It was perfect!

Now that we are back home for a little while, we’ve run some errands, and I really need to do some grocery shopping! I did some gardening yesterday but the lawn needs to be mowed…It’s Trev’s final couple of days of being unemployed, so we saw Toy Story 3 in 3-D the other day too.

This morning my cousin Amy stopped by with her 2 kids Peder and Portia. They road tripped out here from Colorado to see family and friends. After a few days in Minnesota they head to Wisconsin. It was fun to have them over this morning for muffins and coffee/juice. The kids loved Cash Howard, and otherwise made themselves at home to the couch and TV. They were so funny! I always love to see family. 🙂


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