Around here.

Life lately.

It’s been raining and not raining.

Dreaming up gardening plans, planting, wanting to plant more.

A sick pup.

Waiting and waiting on job things.

Listening to the radio and new music.

Bike rides for Trevor.

Episodes of Lost. The END is Sunday.

Fires with the neighbors.

Dinner with Betsy. Not enough of seeing other friends.

Taking photos and not doing anything with most of them.

Today Trevor is hanging out with some relatives visiting from Norway, and I am singing at the One Voice conference.

The concert is tomorrow night. One Voice started last night and it was a great experience. I really needed to be there, singing these new songs directed by their songwriters,

surrounded by other people singing their hearts out.

I can only image what it will be like tomorrow night. I can only imagine.


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