Books and plants.

This week has absolutely flown by! We did some yardwork, and I did some cooking, reading, scrapbooking, cleaning, organizing, dog walking, etc. I actually had this week off from choir because of the insanely busy past couple of months.

I used some of my birthday money to get a couple of things from amazon, and they arrived this week. First of all, I had seen this notebook at Patina and I had to have it!

It’s all pages of photos of interesting walls.  There’s plenty of blank space so you can use it as a notebook and it sort of is like you are adding graffiti to the walls. I’m not sure if I will just use it for a journal or for some specific purpose.  I have another notebook I recently got for free from snapfish that I could use my own photos for the cover so I did garden shots from last year and am using it as my gardening notebook. I’m keeping track of what I’ve planted and where, as well as making wish lists and plotting out what and where I am planting.

The other book that I got was this one:

I read through the whole book the day I got it, and I am looking forward to doing the challenges! I love Elizabeth Kartchner’s style and I just love her layouts! A few others contributed to the book, including Amanda Johnson, and they are all beautiful pages.

I did get a few pages done this week but I haven’t taking pictures of or scanned them in yet. I’ll have to do that today!

Anyway, back to the yard work- there is so much to do! We raked up the leaves and pinecones in our yard. There are so many needles everywhere. It really drives me nuts. I pulled away all the dead plants from the raingarden, the front beds, the side beds, and the one by the back door, as well as weeded where was needed. I am waiting to plant anything new for a couple more weeks. I know it may still get too cold at night for new ones. I have some bulbs that I purchased waiting to be planted and I still need to decide where I am going to plant them. We have a lot of places all over our yard that need some love! I am hoping to keep on with what I was doing last year and buying plants on sale and getting some from other people getting rid of them. We also need to do some work on the front and side yards where we removed our old fence from last summer. It needs to be re-graded and grass planted. I might move some hostas over to the side if I can’t get anymore cheaply.

Here are some photos I’ve taken this month.

Here are the ferns when they first started to come up. I took this photo on April 6th. I noticed about a week later that they had grown a TON. I was in total shock. I finally got around to taking another photo of them a couple days ago:

We got these ferns from my bro-in-law’s neighbors. When we planted them last year they looked nice for a few days but then looked pretty sad after that. I was really hoping they would look good this year and so far I am really happy! This is much better than the dirty river rock that was there!

Here are some of the hostas starting to come up. When they first appear they look like alien tentacles to me!

This is what it looked like when I transplanted some of the yarrow last summer to the side of the house, sort of on the corner:

And here’s what it looks like already this year:

And it will look a lot prettier when the white flowers appear.

Last but not least, here is what the garden by the back door looked like a few days ago before I removed the dead plants and weeded it:

Yeah. I was sort of dreading cleaning it up.

Here is what it looked like an hour and a half later:

There are still a couple of plants in there that I think might be weeds. Haha. I thought I’d give them a little bit before I decide. Once it is nice enough I will also plant some annuals on the border like I did last year. This is where I planted lilies, salvia, black-eyed susans, aster, and lambs ear.

Now I’m going to figure out my coupons and do some shopping. Happy weekend everyone!


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