He got up!

It’s been chaotic around here, and besides that, we’ve been outside a lot enjoying this nice weather. I thought I should probably stop by and share some photos with you! I’ll save all my birthday related ones for a later post. I got back home a little bit ago from the rehearsal for Sanctuary’s Easter service. I’ve got a tired voice, but I’m excited for tomorrow! It’s going to be great with all the singing, dancing (including break dancing), the band, the lights, everything!

The other day we went for a walk around Lake Calhoun. We brought Cash with us. He barked at every rollerblader and every dog! It was so embarassing….what do you do?

Trev’s cousin Britta, her boyfriend Justin, and her two dogs Kirby and Dakota are here for the weekend for the Twins exhibition games. Justin is also known as “Twins Suit Guy.” He was on Twins Cities Live yesterday afternoon, as well as Fox News at 5:00. They are at today’s game too.

The dogs hung out with us after they left. At first they were sad their mama left them:

Later on they went in their kennel for an afternoon nap:

They are the cutest little dogs! Trevor and Adam went golfing this morning and are now back watching golf on tv and hanging out with the dogs. Not sure what we’re doing with the rest of the day. I’d like to relax a bit with tomorrow being a busy day. I’ve got to be at church at 7:30AM to sing with the choir. We warm up and are running through the service before the 9:00 service starts, and then singing at the 9:00 and 11:00. Then Trev, Britta, and I are heading to Bill & Judy’s (their aunt and uncle) for Easter dinner with a random mix of Tungseths. It should be a nice day!


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