Today has been a busy day. I started the day by making a Target trip. I went to get all the deals going on this week, including the Toy Story combo pack (I got each blu-ray DVD combo pack for around $7). I also picked up some other grocery items. The total I spent was $68.62. What I find hilarious is the amount the receipt says I saved: $130.53, and it’s true! I will never get tired of couponing.

After my Target trip Trev and i painted the living room. At this point I am questioning my paint choice, as always. It is always so hard to get just the right color. It looked right on the card and even with the sample we painted on the wall, but I am wondering if I should have gone darker because it is looking more blue than gray to me right now. Of course. How do you really get a color that is just right? We’ll see what I think tomorrow in the daylight again. But whatever I think, I’m stuck with it! Anyway, when we were done painting I went to pool leagues with Trevor to hang out with the team and eat some pizza, and now I am finally home with some computer time before Trev gets home and we watch Lost. His pool teammate Mark usually comes over to watch Lost with us but it’s a good thing he isn’t playing pool and coming here tonight because our living room is all over the place in the middle of this painting project!

So, yesterday I actually did work on the craft projects I was planning on! Our friend Brian was over hanging out with Trevor last night, and during that time I finished up these wreaths for the front and back doors. I have been seeing lots of creative and beautiful wreaths all over the internet lately. I made a paper one for the door for the winter, but now that Spring is here I needed a change! My friend Karly made one of these yarn wreaths also and I love how her’s turned out. I thought I’d give it a try.

I bought the small wreath forms at Dollar Tree, and even the yarn! Otherwise I used things I already had at home. I made felt flowers and fabric yo-yos. I am pretty happy with how they turned out!

Here is the one on the back door:

We are really hoping to buy new doors in the not too far off future. Installation is just so expensive. We live in an old house. Anyway…

There is the wreath on the front door:


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