Sometimes I like to look at the things people searched for that brought them to my blog. Sometimes, I really have to wonder what people are thinking.

The top search used to find the blog is”origami lotus flower.” That’s because I made an origami lotus flower last summer and blogged about it. Apparently that’s something people like to make. But the second and third most used searches to find the blog is “is it really going to snow tomorrow” and “is it going to snow soon.” There are many other variations further down the list. Now, that may seem strange because this is not a place where I blog about the weather. I titled one entry “Is it really going to snow soon?” and because of this, people find me when they want to know about their local weather.

I just want to know what goes through these people’s minds…Do they think, “Self, I wonder if it’s going to snow tomorrow anywhere in the world?” because that’s the kind of results they are going to get when they type it into a search engine! When I want to know the weather forecast the first place I think to look is not google. So, for all you people out there that end up here when you want to know if it’s really going to snow, how about trying the local news channel’s web site, or I’m just sayin’. I have no feelings of anger towards you, but am baffled, and I’d just like to help you out by pointing you in the right direction. 😉


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