I haven’t posted any scrapbook pages lately, but I have been scrapping here and there. I’ll have to post some this week!

I spent a couple of days last week reorganizing and putting my label maker to good use in my scrap/craft area in our office. I made a video to show my mom since she has been in the process or rearranging her own scrap room. I just used our little point and shoot digital camera, but you can see how I have everything organized if you are curious.

I LOVE organizing stuff, so organizing my craft area is really fun for me to do. I’ve been thinking about some organization tips I can share, so you can look forward to that soon. šŸ™‚

We had a great and busy weekend here: errands, cleaning, time with my bestie Betsy, a bonfire with the neighbors, church, Vikings game pizza party at our house with the Mpls Tungseth cousins, dinner at Granite City with my father-in-law and several other relatives, and some down time thrown in the mix. I also got some photos printed that I’m excited about. I will fill you in on that later. How was your weekend?


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