A trip to IKEA

I went to one of my favorite stores today, IKEA. Friday isn’t the best day to go, so I had to wait a while in line at the checkouts. I got the usual standard IKEA trip purchases (napkins and candles) and then also picked up what I went there for- new drinking glasses. I also grabbed the Tripp tins that I had been wanting. We’ve been using the drinking glasses that I painted last summer but the glass paint has been chipping off. I knew when Becca was over and noticed chipped paint floating in her ice water a couple weeks ago that it was time to give in and buy new glasses!

I got these Vanlig glasses:

vanlig glasses

I bought a set of 6 each of 16 oz and 11 oz glasses.

Here’s what the tins look like. I’m trying to decide how I want to use them…I just loved how they look and they were $2.99 for all three. Anyone else have them? What are you using them for?

Tripp tins


3 thoughts on “A trip to IKEA

  1. after many washings – all the paint on my glasses are compleatly gone. 😦 im going to look into this situation – and see if we can maybe try again. 🙂 I like the Ikea glasses though!

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