Sunny Day

Last night Trev and I went to First Avenue to see Sunny Day Real Estate, on a reunion tour after several years. The Jealous Sound opened for them. It was actually a really great show! They were so tight after not playing together for years! They just released remastered versions of their first two albums, and all the songs they did last night were from those albums, except for “Guitar and Video Games” from How it Feels to Be Something On….and then they also played a new song.


*There were 2 or 3 guys to every girl. Obviously.

*I’ve never seen so many shaved heads in one place. Does this have to do with the age bracket of SDRE listeners? Haha. Or maybe all the Jeremy Enigk admirers?

*We were standing upstairs, right above the merch table. I watched many people buy a t-shirt and trade up another size or two. I guess their shirts were running small. I also noticed that almost every girl that bought a t-shirt then held the t-shirt up to herself for her date to give the approval. Haha.

*It was packed. And almost everyone was bobbing their head to the music. Except for one guy who was going NUTS dancing all over the place. And one head banger. The girls standing next to me talked to each other way too much in their higher pitched voices, and one of them kept saying how she couldn’t get over all the people downstairs “just standing still.” I’m not sure what she expected from this crowd? Because I wouldn’t expect anything different than head swaying!

*A clear crowd favorite was “Song About an Angel.” Love that song. Hoping I’ll find some videos from the show uploaded to youtube. No cameras were allowed but I saw plenty of iPhones out. Of course.


2 thoughts on “Sunny Day

  1. Karin, your observations are hilarious. Also, I have no idea who any of those bands were. At first I thought you meant you went to a real estate agency 😛 Obviously things didn’t work out, but if I had dated ykw, you guys could have talked Twin Cities musicians for hours.

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