Home, outside and inside.

Lots of stuff happening in the Tungseth household today! We’ve had a work crew here the past couple of days doing concrete work. We are finally getting our driveway, the worst driveway in Minneapolis I’m sure, replaced. Yes, I am excited about a driveway. I told Trevor that it doesn’t even make me feel old to be excited about a driveway because ANYONE would be excited when they’ve had THIS for a driveway for the past several years:

Besides the driveway we also are getting a new garage floor, new steps, and they are filling in a basement window that water gets in through. Cash has been barking at the workers off and on, but not too much. Hearing the men talking outside or shutting the access door to the garage still startles me at times and then I have to remind myself that it’s them and not intruders. Haha! They are finishing up their work tomorrow and then I will post the final after shots. 🙂

Today I am making tomato sauce from scratch, using tomatoes, carrots, and garlic from our crop share that we receive weekly. I had to buy the other ingredients from the store. The house smells great! The sauce actually has to simmer for FOUR hours on the stove. I have to say, I do not like tomatoes, so peeling them, squeezing them, and chopping them up was sort of disgusting. Haha. But I love tomato sauce. The plan is to make eggplant parmesan using this sauce and the eggplant from our crop share. I’m excited!

I thought I would also share a few more photos of my garden today. I don’t think I’ll take many more photos as I don’t know how much longer these plants will be around. The petunias in the front planters are already totally dead, but that’s partially because I stopped watering as frequently, hoping that the rain we got was enough. I don’t think the planters get as much of the rain as the other plants do though. Oops.

(I think the new fern growth is crazy looking!)

And here are a couple photos from Labor Day weekend, when Trev and I hung out at Minnehaha Falls and went to see “Food Inc.” at the Riverview. I suggest everyone see that film!

Finally, check out this new Death Cab for Cutie song that Stereogum posted. It’s the song they wrote for the “New Moon” soundtrack. I dig it.


One thought on “Home, outside and inside.

  1. I am so proud of you and Trevor in your ability to stick with it, make it better, and keep finding ways to make your lives fun! You do a dad proud!

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