A lot of people I know have mentioned that they love Indian food, so you think I would have eaten it more with them!  I hadn’t eaten any Indian food at all until a couple of years ago. I am starting to really like it!

My first experience with Indian food was at a vegetarian Indian food restaurant on Central. I think it was Nalapak. Timi and I went there and got some sort of platter to share so we could try different items. A lot of the food was vegan, so I was surprised that I liked it. I didn’t love everything, but it was pretty good.

Then Trev and I went with our neighbors Nate and Martha to Taste of India in St. Louis Park. We shared a few different items on the menu and I really enjoyed it.

Renata and I’s last outing together just a couple of weeks ago was lunch at Namaste Cafe on Hennepin, and I loved it!

I got a “lunch box special” which is a special of the day type thing, and it was awesome! Renata got creamy masala with tofu. We also ordered fresh squeezed lemonade, and since they made it to order we were able to request it be made with Splenda. Tasty.


My lunch box special included Creamy masala chicken with cabbage, peas, & potatoes, and then also chole, raita, and then for dessert carrot coconut creme brule. I wasn’t a fan of the dessert but everything else was awesome.

When Trevor and I were shopping at Trader Joe’s on Sunday I picked up a frozen meal of Paneer Tikka Masala and I just ate it for lunch today…loved it! So that is what inspired this entry. I think I need to pick up some more of those. 🙂 Any types of Indian food you would suggest for me to try out?


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