Strawberry Freezer Jam

When I was in Fergus Falls for the 4th of July, my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law taught me how to make strawberry freezer jam. I had never made any kind of jam before, and it was pretty easy.

Here Sharon and I washed and then removed the stems from the strawberries…the stems, right? The green part…

Here the berries are ready to be blended. Grandma usually mashes them with a potato masher, but Sharon likes to throw them in the blender.

Lots of sugar is added!

Here the sugar strawberry mixture sits for ten minutes before the pectin is added.

You add water to this and stir, then after it boils for one minute remove it from the heat.

Here Sharon is adding the pectin to the strawberry sugar mixture.

Then Grandma makes sure the sugar is dissolved into the mixture and everything is mixed well and ready to be put into the jars.

Here we all are putting the jam into jars.

The lids are warmed up and ready to be put on the jars.

Look at all that jam!

Here we are with all the jars stacked up. There are lots of jars hiding behind the others. 🙂


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